IBS Products - Purchasing the Charting Wizard

So far there is only one product ... the IBS Charting Wizard for MS Word PC.

The program costs $10.72 USD (for the download version)

If you can't afford that but would still like to have your own copy the program then please contact me and we can work something out.  If you would like donate more to help me work on this project then that would be great as well!

For Schools who would like to offer the program for students to used during their school please contact me and we can work something out on a per student, pre school basis.

As well I do offer very good staff discounts to staff who promote the program in their schools.

You can purchase the program via PayPal with a credit card and I'll email you (usually within 24 hours) a link to download the program as soon as I received notification of the payment.   Click the 'Buy Now' below.

Download Only


Word 97,2000,XP(2002),2003,2007 & 2010 (32x editons only)
(PC Version)